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(Φίλοι Ιστορικού και Παλαιού Αυτοκινήτου Κύπρου)
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FIPA Cyprus
a Club for Lovers of Classic Cars

FIPA Cyprus (Friends of Cyprus Historic & Old Cars) is a Club catering for owners of Historic and Old Vehicles.

The Club was founded in 2004 by 32 owners of Classic Cars who wanted to belong to a legally registered organisation in order to further their hobby. It was registered with the Department of Clubs and Institutions of the Ministry of Interior of Cyprus on the 19th of July 2004.

It is a Founding Member of the Cyprus Federation of Classic Vehicles (OKAK), which was registered with the Ministry of Interior of Cyprus on the 31st December 2004.

FIPA Cyprus now boasts of over 150 members, owing between them over 200 vehicles.

Since 2004 FIPA Cyprus organises various events for its members, like day-touring events, pick-nicks and get-togethers. FIPA Cyprus members also have the opportunity to participate in all events organised by OKAK.

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Certificate of Registration